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We endeavor to create an atmosphere of “relaxed alertness” where there is a combination of high challenge and high expectations in a low threat learning community; and a state of mind that combines confidence, competence and intrinsic motivation (Cainelearning.com).


The Education Transformation Centre is an alternate education course, designed to prevent encounters with the justice system and reduce frequent instances of detention and suspension.


ETC's therapeutic mental health services include mental health assessments, person-centered service planning, therapeutic activities, parent consultations/psycho-educational training, teacher collaboration and service/program evaluation.

ETC provides a therapeutic environment where students participate in psycho educational and counseling groups that supplement the traditional academic activities.

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ETC’s integrative approach includes a team of educators, clinical mental health counselors, qualified mental health providers, parents, and community mentors.

Who We Serve

Charlottesville City Public Schools, Counties of Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Nelson

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Our integrative and alternative education model is designed to eliminate the stigma of utilizing mental health services. Its seamless clinical learning model fosters emotional self-efficacy while building essential life skills.


Collaboration with host schools will facilitate a bridge for a student's return full-time to the traditional setting once mental health goals are met or an intensive level of services are no longer needed.

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Funding Sources

We accept Medicaid, Child Services Act (CSA), Private Insurance, and Direct Payments.


Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.


Dear Dr. Carr,

Jackie and I are so excited about your school and what it offered us. When we first came to Education Transformation Centre, I didn't think Jackie had a dream in her spirit. With your help and attending your school, Jackie has many dreams.

She is excelling in her schoolwork and focused more than I have ever seen her. When Jackie started, she was failing 9th grade. With improved attendance and help from your school, she successfully completed 9th grade in 4 months.

I would suggest to parents who have children that may not be focused, seem not to care, just don't have it together or your child may be behind in their work and in their minds, they just don't know how to get caught up, please contact Dr. Dolores Carr with Education Transformation Centre.

Jackie loves attending class and now does a great deal more school work at home. She has set a goal for when she wants to complete 10th grade and has plans to do dual classes to get some college credit.

Jackie has done a complete turnaround. This is the best she has ever done. She has only attended private schools, but they did not bring out the best of all she can do. The Education Transformation Centre really transformed this young lady of mine into a new person! She has hopes and dreams like all young people should. We must keep the dream alive in our young people.

Thank you, Dr. Dolores Carr and staff. WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

Regenia & Jackie Smith, 10th grade student

Regenia & Jackie Smith
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Here at STARS (Structured Therapeutic Adolescent Residential Services) we serve youth 13-18 years old who have experienced various traumas, losses, and abuse; however, they can show a lot of resilience and live successfully. Education Transformation Centre (ETC) under Dr. Carr's leadership was able to establish rapport with our youth quickly where respect and hope was at the core of their services from the beginning to end.

Dr. Carr certainly has a lot of expertise in serving our population, in addition, the two interns, displayed incredible energy and patience to connect with our residents. Residents expressed that they felt heard, trusted, and respected by the ETC team. On this foundation, ETC was able to help our residents unearth their potential thereby increasing their resolve to be successful and looking at how current behaviors dampen their progress toward reaching current program goals.

What impressed us the most was the ability of ETC staff to provide programing that kept residents engaged at least 90% of the time during a three-hour program, three days a week that was creative, relevant, and inspiring. The first week of the program, we heard staff remarking, "we need to hire them now for next year," later STARS staff were asking the question "how do we get them involved with our youth during the school year" and the final week staff expressing "we gotta have them back next year."

We are grateful for the vast efforts of ETC to get community speakers involved that could reinforce a consistent message that you matter, you deserve respect, and you are to respect others.

Finally, ETC did an excellent job of celebrating our youth by having them decorate their space with positive affirmations, putting on a talent show and a business casual lunch at the Omni Hotel where they learned social etiquette. Honestly, our staff did not do anything terribly wrong, but the residents may have behaved better than we did. They were well prepared by ETC. At these events, residents had a voice to express their personal gratitude towards the STARS staff as well.

We highly recommend ETC's services without any reservations.

Rydell Payne
from STARS

I would like to share my experience working with Education Transformation Centre (ETC). First I would like to say, the staff was very supportive of the child. They are very great with making sure the kids get an education. They also go above and beyond, if the student needs more assistance, Dr. Carr will get the student tutors for more one on one.

Education Transformation Centre makes sure the students achieve their goals that will get the student back into the regular school setting and for adulthood. My daughter used to be upset that she had to go through the program. After she got the understanding of the program, she starting accepting the things she had to do was only going to make her become successful in life. ETC will continued to follow the student till graduation.

So, my message to students and parents is ETC is a great program, I highly recommend it. My daughter was struggling in math, ETC made her struggle come to ease. My daughter will be a graduate with her class of 2021.

Adrainne Johnson
Parent, AHS

I was impressed by the encouragement and support that was given to our grandson during the short time that he was enrolled there. He did not complete due to COVID-19. I felt that ETC was a good fit for him at that time because he was struggling in school. The ETC allowed him to work on his academics in a smaller setting as well as work on his behavior modification.

I believe that the ETC will give students who just don’t fit in the mainstream school, a head start on their road to a successful educational experience.

Dr. Carr was always professional, informative and guided us through the enrollment process. She also followed up on his progress after the COVID shutdown. She continued to encourage him to be the best that he could be.

I recommend that if your child is having difficulties in school and need one on one attention, take the time to check out what the Educational Transformation Centre can offer.

Deborah Parker

Dr. Carr was a steadfast presence in my client's life which I feel helped her to see more positive possibilities for her future. Dr. Carr provided my client with individualized and focused support that she needed during a challenging time in her life. This extra support helped to scaffold my client's sense of what a trustworthy relationship looks and feels like.

I believe that putting in the extra time and effort often help children/students to feel that they really do matter and that their life is meaningful and worthwhile. Being a constant, honest and present adult, helps to create trust in the relationship between adult and child. Young people need to learn what a safe and trusting relationship and I was able to witness Dr. Carr be that person for my client. Dr. Carr's guidance through the positive seeds planted by the Education Transformation Centre, will have lasting effects on my client's life, whether she sees/feels it now or in her future.

All the best Dr. Carr and I hope to work with you again very soon. I love what you are doing!

Shelley Faulkner M.A., Ed.S.
Trauma Counselor
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Dr. Dolores Carr

Meet the Founder

Dr. Dolores Carr is friendly, caring, and with over 20 years of public teaching, she has an overwhelming wealth of knowledge and experience in transforming student's lives.

My goal is to assist students in finding their passion, then provide education options with choices matched for each individual student.

- Dolores Carr